Justin Amundrud is a Nashville-based producer/songwriter and a member of the pop worship band, Local Sound. A graduate of Ocean's Edge School of Worship in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Justin got his start in music production recording EP's for his roommates in his apartment closet. After releasing his first record, Endless Light (under the band name Waken), Amundrud made the move to Nashville and began pursuing songwriting and production full-time. 

As co-producer of Local Sound's first record, WWJD, with Michael Fatkin (of Hillsong Y&F), Justin and the band have had songs placed in H&M stores around the world, as well as placements on notable mainstream pop playlists, such as Pop Rising, along with charting on the Global Viral 50. Fresh off of Outcry Tour this summer, the band has released a new music video and remix for the song “Wild” with a follow-up EP coming soon. 

Besides working on his own projects, Amundrud has written, produced and remixed songs for other artists and their projects, including Elevation Worship's 2017 release, There Is A Cloud, L.A. pop artist, Loren North on "Never Coming Back" and “Backward / Forward” (written with Centricity co-writer Taylor Agan), Fleurie, Life.Church Worship, Hillsong NYC, For All Seasons and more, as well as a personal TV/Film project called "Riley, 1964".

Justin and his wife, Lauren, who are newlyweds, live in the Germantown area of Nashville, TN.