About Peabod:

Happy, quirky, and nostalgic aren’t the first adjectives that come to most people’s minds when thinking about hip hop music. These people have yet to hear the music of Isaac Peabody. Known by the stage name PEABOD, this 24-year-old singer-songwriter-producer from Seattle gives rap a new name. Crafting catchy hooks and masterful lyrics, PEABOD dishes verses full of wit and charm guaranteed to make anyone smile. He takes on amusing, millennial topics, such as living with roommates or transitioning into adulthood, and provides impressive rhymes full of not only humor, but astute commentary. With his earnest songs full of clever pop culture references, PEABOD brings fresh life to the hip hop genre; he makes it accessible to a wider audience and fills it with a long-overdue dose of fun relatability. Loaded with talent and infectious energy, PEABOD is a musical sensation listeners will be eager to call friend.

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