It all starts with a song.

An artist can have incredible talent, heart, and work ethic, but they can’t go anywhere without something to sing. Something meaningful. And that’s where Centricity Publishing steps up to the plate.

Serving recording artists inside and outside the Centricity label, the publishing arm of Centricity has grown since 2009 in its abilities to make great music come to fruition. Working with talented songwriters and artists, the department takes on tasks such as identifying songs with potential, setting up writing opportunities, and extending produced music to optimal outlets. Their goal is clear, but challenging: find the best way to develop the story of a song and then share it.

“We love that we get to come alongside our artists and writers as they create these works that have life-changing impacts on people,” Centricity Vice President of Publishing Chad Segura says. “And then it’s our job to help find homes for those songs in this ever-changing musical landscape.”

It can be a long process to get a song from the writer’s room to the radio, but it’s always worthwhile for the team. Placing high value on its relationships with writers and artists, the department gives thoughtful intention to everything from writing-session pairings to song production. With this mentality, the team paves the way for chart-topping songs across various genres and expands their reach through outlets such as film and TV. But beyond commercial success, the Publishing crew finds the most fulfillment from serving their songwriters, by helping them create opportunities to turn inspiration into art.