Frankie Orella

About Frankie Orella:

Frankie Orella is a Nashville-native artist and songwriter. Having led worship from the age of 14, she’s a seasoned worship leader, who cares deeply about the types of songs churches sing; and she desires to give a voice to not only the joys, but also the sufferings of the Church. 

As a writer, Frankie co-wrote the #1 radio single, “Lead On Good Shepherd” by Patrick Mayberry. In addition to writing songs of worship, Frankie writes frequently for the film/tv world, and has started releasing some of those songs under the moniker, Rigbie. In 2023, she had her first sync placement in a Jeep ad.

As an artist, Orella focuses on themes of grief, loss and anxiety to give a voice to those who feel speechless. Heavily influenced by the melodies of The Beatles and string arrangements from Danny Elfman, Frankie makes indie pop sound cinematic, orchestral and yet, still intimate. Her most recent original project was an EP on the 5 Stages of Grief.

Frankie lives in Nashville with her husband, Spencer, their sons, Finch & Rooney, and dog, Tele. When she’s not writing songs (for her artistry, film/tv and worship) or on the road supporting other artists (Matt Maher & Aaron Shust), you will probably find her at a local coffee shop reading or taking a hike at a nearby park.


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