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About Jason Gray:

With a heart for connecting with others, Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, Jason Gray is known for the compassionate honesty and authenticity he offers through his music. Through this vulnerability, Gray has consistently reached listeners in a unique and compelling way, reflected in each of his projects, with a total so far of 12 albums released under the Centricity Music label. Some of Jason’s most well known songs and radio singles include: “Remind Me Who I Am” (Top 5), “With Every Act of Love” (#1), “Good To Be Alive” (Top 5), “More Like Falling In Love” (Top 5), “Nothing Is Wasted” (#1), “Sparrows” and “I’m Gonna Let It Go” (co-written with Ellie Holcomb).

With previous tour experiences with Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Third Day, TobyMac (along with numerous other CCM artists), Gray has also headlined many tours of his own, bringing each audience thoughtful inspiration through music and stories. Those listening to or watching Jason experience not only his musical talent, but the heartfelt way he shares his gifts to support others.

Jason comments on his latest album, Order, Disorder, Reorder:

“The human spirit is something like a muscle in that it must be pushed to its limits and torn down in order to grow. 3 words to describe this process of transformation are order, disorder, and reorder.

Order is when everything is going according to our plan. We’re using all that we’ve learned so far to put our lives together with stability and security.

Disorder is when our plan falls apart. We find we weren’t as in control as we thought we were and there is more we need to learn. Reminded of our vulnerability, we are broken down and opened up enough to meet with God in a profound way.

Reorder is when we emerge from disorder transformed by what we learned and by having met with God in a way that changed us. We are wiser, kinder, more humble, and stronger than before. Today’s reorder becomes tomorrow’s order, and the cycle begins again. Recognizing this helps me panic less and trust more.

I wrote some songs to explore these themes and decided to release them in three volumes: Order, Disorder, and Reorder, giving time and space for reflecting on one part of the journey before digging into the next.”

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