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About Jason Gray:

With a heart for connecting with others, Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, Jason Gray is known for the compassionate honesty and authenticity he offers through his music. Through this vulnerability, Gray has consistently reached listeners in a unique and compelling way, reflected in each of his projects, with a total so far of 13 albums released under the Centricity Music label. Some of Jason’s most well known songs and radio singles include: “Remind Me Who I Am” (Top 5), “With Every Act of Love” (#1), “Good To Be Alive” (Top 5), “More Like Falling In Love” (Top 5), “Nothing Is Wasted” (#1), “Sparrows” and “I’m Gonna Let It Go” (co-written with Ellie Holcomb).

With previous tour experiences with Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Third Day, TobyMac (along with numerous other CCM artists), Gray has also headlined many tours of his own, bringing each audience thoughtful inspiration through music and stories. Those listening to or watching Jason experience not only his musical talent, but the heartfelt way he shares his gifts to support others.

Here’s more on Jason’s latest album, Land of the Living:

On Land of the Living, Gray is less of a host and more of a participant in the stories he’s telling. Rather than leading listeners on a journey revolving around a central theme like he did with 2020’s Order Disorder Reorder, this album serves up a batch of pop-friendly, radio-ready contenders primed for conversation.

“Concept albums tend to ask something of the listener,” he says in regards to Land of the Living’s predecessor. “This record is a little bit more, ‘Thank you for your attention. That was the meat. Let’s have a little dessert.’”

This cherry-on-top addition to his catalog is full of meaningful songs marked by Gray’s remarkable ability to plumb the depths of the human experience — all within the confines of a three-minute pop song.

“I think great artists, when they’re pulled a bit more to the center and asked to consider a mass audience, oftentimes, I think it pulls their best work out of them,” Gray offers, referencing a few of his own musical heroes like U2 and Shawn Colvin. “This current record is less self-indulgently artistic than it is written very much with the audience in mind.”

While the dozen tracks that comprise Land of the Living are universal in nature, Gray says he normally directs his lyrics toward a specific individual — a loved one, a listener he’s met out on the road — to help him assemble songs that prove helpful, if not altogether healing. “I will think of specific people I know who are struggling with this or that,” he shares of his creative process. “And I think, ‘If I were to have a conversation with that person, would these words I’m singing ring true?’ If I keep that in mind, it generally reveals the less true lines.”

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