Jordan Bailey

About Jordan Bailey:

Jordan Bailey is a producer/writer based in Corydon, Indiana, who originally signed with Centricity in 2013 as a member of the band Carrollton. After years of touring with and producing (and writing) for Carrollton, Jordan is now producing full-time from his studio 4 10 MUSIC. He’s mainly focused on producing indie, alternative, pop rock music, but he also produces and writes for film and tv, bringing all kinds of styles into the mix.

When Jordan was a part of Carrollton, he and his bandmates had many charting songs on Billboard Christian radio charts, including “Tell Me,” “Shelter,” “Rebuilder,” Holding On To You” and “Let Love Win.” Their album Everything Or Nothing was nominated for a GMA Dove Award in the category Rock Album of the Year.

In the film/tv world, Jordan’s had many placements with “Made For This.” The song was first featured in the 2018 Winter Olympics and then placed in three Jeep commercials, Fox Sports segments and SEC commercials. He’s also a part of the sync band Firework Festival. Jordan will be releasing solo music under the name “it’s been fun.”

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